Which Breed For ME


Unfortunately, every year thousands of dogs are are put down in animal shelters because homes cannot be found for them. Not all, but many of these dogs have ended up at pounds because they have 'worn out their welcome at home'. In many cases this has been because they were a bad choice of pup from the start. Every breed has their qualities and faults. Many advertisements for puppies advertise how cute and playful their puppies are which describes the last 30 million pups which have been born, but rarely does an advertisement state the bad traits of a breed which can become a real problem if the wrong pup has been chosen. This link hopes to provide the reader with some basic insight to the enjoyable traits of a breed and also those bad qualities which end up costing the owner money and heartbreak. For more detailed information breed societies have their own web sites which we suggest you google and visit for further information.

PUGS, and three-quarter pugs If you want a dog that is going to put a permanent smile on your face then a pug is perfect. I own 4 of them and I love them all. They have their own character, they are near impossible to tire out, very active but in an enjoyable way. However, if you have a beautiful valour lounge suite and you want to keep it then a pug is not the dog for you. They are heavy shedding. Be prepared for pug hair all through your house!!! But, people who own pugs will all tell you they would get rid of the lounge before they'd get rid of their dog. They are unique and once people have owned a pug it usually becomes their favorite breed.

JUGS are not nearly as heavy shedders as pug and 3/4 pugs due to the fine short hair of the jack Russell, they are just as enjoyable but they have the Jack Russell influence where if you have poultry or averies the jugs will sit outside the cages waiting for a chook for lunch. Unlike their mother though, they can be broken out of this habit if disciplined young.

BEAGLES If you have plenty of time to spend with your dog then a beagle makes a faithful lovable life time friend. They are great dogs if your boys want another player for the backyard footy team. However, Beagles have a high energy output and if they cannot release that energy in positive ways such as plenty of exercise or another dog to play with then they can develop bad habbits. They will bark constantly, dig holes, chew up your garden furniture and basically destroy your backyard. If you have a busy lifestyle and a small backyard then a beagle is not a good dog of choice, however if you have plenty of time to spend with your dog, runs along the park or playing fetch with a ball or just play with in your yard, or even if you have a second dog for your beagle to play with then they are a wonderful addition to the family. I have 3 beagles , they came to me as problem dogs but now that they have plenty of space and other dogs to play with they are no trouble at all, totally enjoyable, but you have to be prepared to spend time with them.


Milo and Beryl having a great time in the dam.

CAVALIERS Well what can I say against the dear cav, they are loveable, easy going, placid, easy to train , they dont demand attention but are grateful for it. They are not the dog of choice for the kids footy team but if you want a placid family house pet they are perfect. They do shed and do require some grooming but are not high maintainence. Everyday Charles loves his swim in the dam, even during the drought when the dam was mud he would come back to the house covered and caked in mud. There was no point washing him, he would only go back to the dam again, so away he went and the following day his coat would be beautiful. The mud just falls off and and he would be back to what looked liked a beautifully groomed cavalier.

charles after a swim This is charles on a "clean day" after a swim, you would expect to spend hours grooming the mud and matts out, but not so, the next day it would be all out of him.

BEAGLIERS Beagliers are a perfect cross of the beagle and cavalier. The placid nature of the cav reduces the energy output of the beagle and the beagle influence brings about a short coat which does not require the attention of the pure cav. They are an easy maintenance dog. They don't demand attention but are grateful for it.

CAVOODLES Cavoodles have the placid nature of the cavalier and the poodle. Their coat tends to be more like the cav than the poodle so are easier to groom than a poodle but they have the benefit of inheriting the non shedding hypo-allergenic qualities of the poodle.

SCHNAUZERS Schnauzers are a very even tempered dog settling into almost any environment . They require plenty of grooming but are non shedding and hypo-allergenic. People who own schnauzers love them and it is very rare to see and aged schnauzer for sale or at animal shelters which shows they must be a very trouble free breed and a forever friend.

SCHNOODLES Schnauzer Poodle cross, again, a very even tempered dog, manageable and adaptable. The coat like the schnauzer so easier to groom than the poodles but also contain the non shedding hypo-allergenic qualities of both breeds. They tend to inherit the schnauzer appearance rather than the poodle.

SHIH'TZU Shih'tzu's are very small dogs, very much lap dogs. They are not suitable with rowdy children as they become timid very easily but lovable dogs for quiet families or people living on their own and wanting indoor company. They require a lot of grooming but are also non shedding and hypo-allergenic.

SHOODLES Shih'tzu Poodle cross. They are very similar to the shih'tzu in nature and also have the non shedding hypo-allergenic qualities but dont have the pug facial appearance of the shih'tzu. If you like the nature of the Shih'tzu but want to get away from the shih'tzu facial features then a shoodle is the choice for you.

MAREMMA A Maremma is commonly referred to as a sheep dog but this is not the case, they do not work sheep. They are a 'protective dog' and will adapt to protect what they are reared with. They are a purpose dog but are becoming more popular as family pets. They grow very large ( males up to 40kg, females slightly less)) but have a very adaptable nature. Because they are a purpose dog and not a companion animal there are a lot of frequently asked questions re this breed. For further information please click here for the link to our Maremma page. bundy and pups

'Charles', the cav just had to get in on the picture and the beautiful nature of our maremma girls would just let him.

CATTLE DOGS Blue Cattle dogs are a very tough versatile breed, being very adaptable as working dogs and family pets in residential situations. The nature of a cattle dog will vary upon genetics but generally they adapt to all environments, can be lovable and gentle and at the same time be great company for active kids, and make good watch dogs. If considering a cattle dog as a pet it is important to get some background on the traits of the parents.

Red cattle dogs on the other hand differ very much from the blues. They are very protective, dedicated to their owners , make excellent watch dogs but most will bite.If you want a dog to keep people out of your yard or away from your car then the sheer site of a 'red' does that before the dog even shows it's teeth. Reds are our dogs of choice for our working dogs, but if our friends are coming to visit they ring us before hand to tell us to ' put those reds on their leads'. At Happy canines our cattle dogs are bred as working dogs and they do an excellent job of that. We do not cross our reds and blues. Our reds are joined with reds and our blues are joined with blues.

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