Meet The Parents

These are just a few of our wonderful dogs, this page will be added to in due course

To view pictures of the puppies from these parents go to our gallery page and see pictures that happy owners have sent to us


Meet Pugsley, effectionately known as 'the CEO' of Happy Canines. No other has a personality like this fellow. He loves being around people more than being around other dogs. He is our very much loved famiy pet.


This is Cassie, Cassie is a new comer to Happy Canines as a mate for Pugsley


What can I say about our Velvet. She is the most lovable effectionate beagle. Velvet had to be rehomed from her previous home from naughtiness from boredom and since being here with plenty of room she has been just wonderful. We love her immensly. Velvets original intention was to breed beagliers but after the addition of milo she has now given us some lovely purebred beagles.


This is Beryl, effectionately known as "Beryl'De Beagle". She has recently joined Happy canines and loves her time here.

This is bonnie a new comer to Happy canines.


Milo is our male beagle addition to Happy Canines, originally coming here as a mate for our old pet who had just lost his friend, but later joined the Happy canines as an option for purebred beagle puppies.

bobby bobby

Bobby is our mini poodle who came to us later in his life. He was registered and was a show dog in his younger years, but now just enjoys life swimming in the dam and rolling in the burrs and doing all the things he couldn't do in his show days. Even in his later years he is still very active with the ladies.


Tiny was an addition to Happy Canines by her previous owner who was no longer able to keep her . Tiny will be joined to Pugsley to produce those wonderful little characters..."Jugs"...


Our first little jug 'Penny' This little darling was saved from euthanasia as a puppy. She wasnt quite perfect but with a lot of care and attention she made it to what she is now. She is a lovable lap dog. When inside she collects my slippers and puts them on my pillow then curls up to sleep beside them. If she cant get in the bedroom she will find another spot to curl up, like in the laundry basket. She came to us with her sister who was also going to be euthanased. Unfortunately we lost her sister to snake bite, but because of this loss we tracked down Penny's mother 'Annie' and as a result of this Annie was added to the Happy Canines.


Charles is second generation at HAppy canines. His mother Angel has now retired and is living out her retirement in leisure. Charles has been a wonderful mate for tippy producing 3/4 cavaliers which have been a wonderful success with the children. You will see many pictures of Charles and Tippys babies in our "Gallery "page.


Tippy is our beautiful little beaglier, daughter of Velvet which we breed back to charles


Meet Oscar our mini schnauzer. He is the self appointed "Boss", he thinks he is boss of Milo and Charles. He loves to stand on their back and growl at them but of course they take no notice of his silly antics so he gives up,but when he is out of his yard and the male cattle dogs are about butter wouldnt melt in his mouth. Anyone who didnt know him would think he was going to eat Milo and Charles, but underneath the tough man is a very gentle playful dog who gives us all a laugh.


One of our little mini schanuzer girls is Frosty. She is the most easiest little girls to own, she is the closest thing to a stuffed toy that breathes. She is very quiet, placcid, undemanding, we love her immensly, frosty

Only I couldnt understand why this plant kept on wilting, then I found out why!.


Dolphie is alo one of our schnauzer girls, she is Oscars daughter and we breed schnoodles with her. She is badly in need of a schnauzer cut in this pictures but somehow it seems to suit her.


Rollie and teddy bear have been 2 favourites producing beautiful little apricot cavoodles. Rollie is Charles' sister


Rollie , our little Cavalier

teddy bear

Teddy Bear, our toy poodle


Meet Pebbles, our 3/4 pug. Pebbles is crossed to pugsley to produce 7/8 pugs.


And last but not least, Cody, our Cocker Spaniel.

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