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 my final-home-page

Happy Canines....where we give all our dogs a happy and healthy life

This web site hasnt been designed with glamour and glitter to show my web design skills ( or lack of). It has been designed to keep it basic and simple so you see our dogs in their normal daily existance.


The goal of Happy Canines is to produced happy healthy well adjusted puppies. Our puppies are well socialised with humans and other dogs before they leave us. We have many happy owners and you can see their puppies on our gallery page.

All our puppies come vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked. They come with their first collar and 1kg of puppy biscuits so they can be weaned on to their new feed gradually. They have a folder which outlines all their past and on going care. We also send our "puppy preparation notes" to new owners before their puppy arrives so they can plan for their puppies arrival. We follow up with our new puppy owners to ensure their puppy has settled in and we offer ongoing advice if needed.

All our puppies are vet checked but some conditions may not be evident at the time of the check. If a puppy dies within 3 months of purchase from an unpreventable medical condition we will replace the puppy free of charge ( excluding travel if appliacble) from our next available litter. All you need to do is supply a vet certificate stating the cause and that the cause was unpreventable. ( Please note this does not cover accidents). Our puppies have been healthy enough that this has not happened in the past

We believe our parent stock are of good quality and we have never had any feedback of any genetic medical conditions but if this was to occur within 3 years of purchase we will replace a puppy from our next available litter. We do reserve the right to gain an opinion from our own vets prior to doing this. All this is stated in writing in our puppy folders.

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For all enquiries please email us as or phone (02) 68431505

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