This gallery page shows favourite pictures of our dogs and also pictures of puppies which have been sent to me by their owners with permission to post here, so others can see what the cross of the mother and father have grown into.

For pictures of Maremmas go to the Maremma link at the top of the page.

Velvets Beagliers

Our very first litter at Happy Canines was velvets beagliers. Jens Jed was the pick of the litter.

jens jed

Another favourite from this litter was Natalies Ruby.

natalies ruby

And this day while Natalie was away she had an intruder. Ruby said "I didnt do it, it was the intruder!"

 rubys bed

Velvets purebred puppies

Velvet only had one litter of beagliers and from then has had purebred beagles.


This is Immanuals "Peanut"


 sams bonnie

Sams "Bonnie"


 elex's louie

Alex's "Louie"


 staceys mums ruby

Staceys Mums "Ruby" . Ruby is a very popular name.


 phils axle

Phils "Axle"


 sams barney

Sams "Barney"

Tippy and Charles' 3/4 Cavs

These are Tippy and Charles' 3/4 Cavaliers, most of the puppies have thrown more to the beaglier with only one of the litter having a cav coat.

 nicks pup

This is one of our favourite pictures, this is Nicks pup "Pax" short for "Paxton".


 nicks pup 1  nicks pup 6.JPG

Nicks Testimonial

Before buying a dog we wanted to research what a good dog is for our family with 4 kids under 9, we then looked at beagliers, and came across a few breeders, but when we found Happy Canies we were so impressed with the information from Narelle and Paul, they provided so much information and could see they cared for there dogs and because it was set in a farm with freedom to be natural dogs, we were happy it wasn't form a house breeder in cages all day, when we got our little dog named Pax home he has been such a wonderful dog, he does not bark at night or when we are not home, he is fun with the kids to play with and they absolutely love him, he does like bones to chew (but i guess all dogs love to chew) he is now 8mths old and is fully toilet trained, sleep in his own bed, shakes hands, rolls over, sits and comes when called, i would highly recommend a beaglier from Happy Canines to anyone with a family with kids looking for a medium/small dog with a wonderful temperament.


Nicks email address and phone number is available for anyone who would like to contact him.

More of Tippy and Charles' Puppies

emma 2

Emmas puppy " Holly"


ollie ollie

Georgias puppy "Ollie"



Brookes puppy "Cleo"


 paul and liz's rosie

Paul and Liz's beautiful little girl, Rosie.


Pennys and Pugsleys 3/4 pugs

 annabel and pablo

What a great picture is this one! This is annabel and "Pablo".


 kates bob

Kates "Bob" ( Love the name).


 kates bob

Kates "Bob" again.


renaes maelle

And what a sweet little girl this one is. This is Reneas "Maelle"


 pablo 1

Annabels pablo again, doing what his mother penny does, takes my shoes ( and Annabels ) to their beds.

Beryls Puggles

These are Beryl and Pugsleys puggle puppies

 staceys puggle

Staceys female puggle "Alera" protecting her older ( I cant say big) brother


 tinas pickles

Tinas puggle " Pickles"


Pickles again, "tinas pickles stopping to smell the (roses, oops),daisies"

 tinas pickles



Sheks puggle " Diesel". Diesel was an engagement present, doesnt he look like "Dont mess with me"!



Caitlins "Bruno"

Frosty and Bobbys Schnoodles

 frostys raphy

" Raphy"

Ryans beaglier "Beau" from Rollie and Milo, Beau was used in an advertisement by Ryans Vet

 ryans beau


 ryans beau

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