Happy Canines is located in North West NSW, ( but dont be detered by that, we can transport puppies almost anywhere). We are not a puppy mill, none of our dogs are kept in cages or small yards, infact most of our dogs have been rescued dogs, some from death row, others from not so happy environments, other dogs were given to me by owners who longer wanted them who 'insisted' I take them because they knew their dog would be 'happy'at our place. This is how our name 'happy canines' was established.

We are on a 2,300 acre cattle property, so there is plenty of space. Our dogs have free range during the day where they can swim in the dam, run around the paddocks, play among themselves or simply relax under the shade of a tree, which reflects their happy and contented disposition. The only time our females are in a smaller yards is when they are on heat for the duration of the heat.

Of a night our dogs are enclosed in a quarter acre yard, simply for their own protection ( excepting the Maremmas, their job is to supervise the paddocks of a night). If dogs in a group are going to get up to mischief it will usually be of a night time when they are unsupervised. The quarter acre yard our dogs are enclosed in is the same size as the 'old fashioned' house yard blocks before 'lego land' became the norm. In their night yard they have spacious kennels, a pond and toys to play with. Our dogs smallest yard is bigger than that of a child growing up on the average house block.


None of our dogs are referred to as a number or a breed, they all have names and they all know their names. They all have their turns of being in side to enjoy the home comforts in life and all our females have their puppies in the house where they can be well supervised. They are moved outside when the puppies are 7 days old so the mother can get free access to grass and dirt so that the immune system of the puppies can be stimulated. All our puppies are wormed at 3,5 and 7 weeks of age and vaccinated prior to rehoming. All adult dogs treated monthly with parasite control.

lunch time at happy canines

"Lunch time at Happy Canines" They are always waiting for a piece of crust or a"tit bit". The individuals may change but the numbers stay the same!.

We are so pleased with the environment that we keep our dogs in that we open our property for inspection at any time to potential purchasers so they can see what sort of environment they are purchasing their puppy from. We detest and oppose the way in which many commercial dog breeders conduct their business, keeping dogs in cages, breeding litter after litter and then euthanasing the females when they have reached the end of their productive life. NONE of our dogs are euthanased when they have finished breeding, even our working cattle dogs live out their life of retirement, we call it their superannuation fund, it is their entitlement for the many years of service they have provided for us.

our happy family

Bonnie, Bronson, Frosty, Mary, Rollie and Teddy Bear".

At 'Happy Canines' we offer a replacement guarantee whereby if your puppy dies from an unpreventable medical condition within 3 months of purchase we will replace your puppy free of charge (Excluding costs such as vaccinations and freight where applicable)from our next available litter .All you need to do is provide us with a veterinary certificate stating cause of death and that this cause could not be prevented. Please note this does not include accidents and some conditions apply, which we are happy to discuss with potential puppy purchasers.

our happy family 2

Pebbles , our 3/4 pug and Teddy Bear, our toy poodle.

oscar and jack

Oscar our schnauzer and Jack,one of our maremmas, as a pup.

pebbles and frosty

Pebbles and frosty.

You dont need expensive toys, pups have a ball playing with an empty dog biscuit bag, they hide in it, play tag in it, play tug-o-war with it, drag each other around in it, they have plenty of fun!

pups playing

Having fun at the dam.



Cavs, maltese, poodles, beagliers, cattle dogs and maremmas all out playing together, they are all

"Happy Canines".




For further inquiries please email us at happycanines@live.com or phone (02) 68431505